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We are a sports club focused on sports with dogs. And especially with a purebred breed of Siberian Husky. Even though we are from Bratislava, we definitely want to break even in the field of classic snow disciplines. Our main focus is “off snow” of canicross, bikejöring and scootering on short “sprint” tracks and “On snow” disciplines sane 2 to 4 dogs and skijöring.
Join us and enjoy this wonderful sport!

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Mediálny partner

Manufacturer of new generation nutritional supplements Hyalutidine HC Aktiv, which is unique to its hyaluron-chondroitin complex (HCK), with an effect of articular application. It is designed to prevent joint damage, subsequent arthrosis, or prevent further enlargement. It also manufactures these nutritional supplements for horses, dogs and cats.

Naši športovci

Name: Forjana Slovakia V-KEIKO PAW IN SNOW
Call name: Keiko
SPKP Number: 3556
Breed: Sibírsky husky
Gender: fena
Date of birth: 29.05.2016
Father: Forjana Slovakia CHRISTIAN GREY
Mother: Forjana Slovakia FÉLICITE DU JEU

Grand Forjana V-Keiko Paw in Snow
Siberian Husky


Name: FOREVER ASAMI Eskimoski Domek
Call name: Asami
SPKP Number: 3630
Breed: Sibírsky husky
Gender: fena
Date of birth: 31.01.2017
Father: FOREVER Eskimoski Domek
Mother: NUBIRA Eskimoski Domek

FOREVER Asami Eskimoski Domek 
Siberian Husky

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You would like to have at home Norseman?

Do not buy it through the bazaars and advertisements! If you do not want to buy it directly from the kennel, we recommend visiting the Siberian Husky Rescue Slovakia page and adopting and saving one of the dogs found.